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Train 3-4 days per week


Jackhammer Strength Training is located at 3002 McKinley Ave. Columbus, Oh 43223 in the quarry plaza right next to Upper Arlington, Grandview, and Hilliard.

They said we would not make it that we did not have what it takes to be successful. Well 7 years later here we are. If we can do it so can you. As John Locke from Lost said “Don’t tell me what I can`t do”. If we can last 7 years as a small gym in Columbus, Ohio you can get stronger in 7 weeks!

7 Weeks to a stronger you, 7 weeks to a fitter, more resilient you, 7 weeks of training consistently 3-4 times per week. If you want to run faster, squat more, deadlift more, do your first pullup, or be a strong woman or strongman this is for you.


Schedule with Nathan Jordan at 614 499 4633

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